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A scientific professional with over 5 years of experience in solving complex problems. Using my suite of programming and scientific-technical skills, I have contributed to the establishment of 2 new academic labs, developing research programs in cancer phototherapeutics and catalysts for clean energy.

Throughout my career, I have used my strong project management skills to lead more than 10 projects, applying my diverse knowledge and leadership skills to train and manage individuals at various levels (undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows). This work has been awarded more than $150,000 in funding and led to close to 10 publications in reputed journals such as Nature Photonics and ACS chemical biology.

In addition to my academic commitments, I have held several leadership positions including:

+ Vice president [Graduate student association at the University of Toronto Mississauga]
+ Panel member [University complaint and resolution council for student societies]
+ Graduate advisory committee member [Department of chemistry at UofT]
+ Union representative [University of Toronto graduate students’ union]
+ Poster judge [48th annual peel regional science fair]

In my spare time, I love to explore the great Canadian outdoors; hiking, BBQing, and reading (check out my list of highly recommended reads)!